FREE: New whitepaper by Ora Research explores vehicle optimization through simulation

Many challenges face vehicle transportation manufacturers as they try to meet performance targets:
  • Model Proliferation: in the passenger vehicle industry model proliferation is staggering; with a 40 % increase in the number of models produced in the last 15 years

  • Design Aesthetics: consumers demand æ sthetically pleasing products and numerous model options, yet engineering department sizes have remained constant

  • Increased Costs for Small Gains: Costs to incrementally improve performance are increasing as even small gains become more challenging to achieve

  • Regulatory Pressures: fuel economy and CO2 emissions are advancing performance targets and also making goals more difficult to reach with evolving test procedures involving real world conditions 

To address these challenges successfully, a manufacturer must have powerful tools in hand to balance the often competing goals throughout the product development process.

Bruce Jenkins of Ora Research explores this subject in his new white paper: Aerodynamic Optimization: Automotive Engineering’s Next Strategic Frontier — to download a copy complete the form to the right.
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